Yama Skateboards - neue Boards am Start

Yama Skateboards – neue Boards am Start 

Genau heute ist es soweit und die lange erwarteten neuen Decks von Yama Skateboards sind in den Shops Eures Vertrauens erhältlich, wie z.b. dem Fame Boardshop in Wien. Für die Designs und Grafiken ist Alexander Kramer verantwortlich. Die Boards nennen sich die „Classic series„. Der Text dazu, den Yama veröffentlicht hat sagt eigentlich eh schon […]

We Are Blood Premier Vienna 2015

We Are Blood Premier Vienna 2015 

I don’t know about you, but I am super stoked about this. Brainfarm and Ty Evans. Finally working together. It’s like the skate-video birth of Jesus Version 2015. After all the amazing, real, raw and down-to-the-point videos Ty Evans has brought us and the high level technology Brainfarm has to offer, we have the perfect […]

Excelent Mystic SK8 Cup 2015

Excelent Mystic SK8 Cup 2015 

The year 2015 proved to be another great year for the Shuvit family at the Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup 2015…. Shuvit Crew went down to Prague with friends and family to check out the contest and have our boys skate the contest too. The Exelent Mystic Sk8 Cup is not just a contest, but pretty […]

MysticCup Day 2..... Prequals.

MysticCup Day 2….. Prequals. 

Day 2 in Shuvit Crew land…. So its Day 2 in Prague at the Mystic Cup, and amazingly we are up and running. Marten Maxwell and Marcel Rieger signed up for the Street, and me, Burki and Pochi signed up for press…. and we had Marvin Karoly in there too repesenting Aped. So we walk […]

MysticSkateCup 2015.... Shuvit Crew Style.

MysticSkateCup 2015…. Shuvit Crew Style. 

So as promised Shuvit Crew took one for the team and went into the darkest depths of Prague to see what the f*** is going on at the Contest… So here the very short show-down to Day 1; We all met at Erdberg at around 07.00am. Riding on the bus to Prague were Burki, Pochi, […]