Excelent Mystic Skate Cup 2016 in Prag, 01. – 03.July

„Sk8 world, Sk8 world! – Party Time! – Excelent…Mystic Skate Cup 2016 (heavy guitar riff)“

It´s time to announce this year´s international event, we´ve all been waiting for…

Excelent Mystic Skate Cup 2016
Excelent Mystic Skate Cup 2016

The Excelent Mystic Skate Cup 2016 is about to happen in the beautiful capitol of  Czech Republic, Prague, again this upcoming weekend (Friday 01. – Sunday 03.July). And we´re all excited like school kids to be in the place, first row.

As you can read all the information about that huge festival like time schedule, Rider´s line up (Confirmed riders list scroll down), Music act´s & all other facts right on their website www.mysticsk8cup.cz we can just hardly recommend you to pack your bags immediately and move over to Prague to watch it Live, as your eyes won´t get the full stack of what´s going on there if you´re watching it via webcast (but it´s possible though).

Of course, we love the Skate action shown by all these good riders from near and far, but what´s so special about this event is the familiar scenery that invite´s everyone with a big hug and won´t let you go or stand outside for the rest of the festival weekend. Almost everywhere you can meet famous legends & Pro´s and also unknown underdogs that will stoke you, but each of ´em will be willing to answer your questions and chat for a while, maybe share a beer or just smile back at you. It´s like a huge meet´n´greet in a smooth comfortable atmosphere.

These guys are killng it this year!
MSC2016 – Confirmed Riders

We´re really looking forward to this year´s Contest, cause so many Austrian Riders are willing to compete & even some of our hungarian Friends will show up again this year.

So stay tuned for our daily Blog to reveal what´s happening in the spot. And if you´re interested now to explore what happened last year, here are some impressions:  https://shuvit.at/mysticskatecup-2015-shuvit-crew-style


And don´t forget to hop over to https://www.facebook.com/ExcelentMysticSk8Cup to leave a like on their Page.

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So be there or be square… Ride on 😉

Last but not Least the official Press Release with further informations…


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