Ex&Hop Contest 2016

Another year to show what you can do at the Ex&Hop Contest 2016 at Karlsplatz…

You know the season is kicking off in Vienna when the Rap Against Festival takes place at Karlsplatz. A great festival, with a great line-up, for a great cause.

Hand in hand with this festival comes the Ex&Hop Contest. Our friends give the skaters and bmxers the chance to improve their pocket-money for the weekend by hosting a cash4tricks contest.

Last year, was pretty awesome….

Click here for the link to last years pics…

This year they will be hosting their Cash4Tricks contest once again, so it’s a great chance you wanna up your pocket money a little just intime for the weekend (or the Shuvit Crew Tombola 😉 ).

This year it will be a little different, Friday will be Skate-Only, and Saturday will be BMX only. The guys have also upped their game on the park this year, so that means more rails and generally more skate-friendly.

This is a great season kick-off to our Shuvit Contest Series 2016, so get up and get out, and check it out.

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